A 4-layer roof is a leak resistant, fabric reinforced acrylic coating system that is extremely versatile. 4-layer can be applied over virtually any existing roof surface including new plywood, metal, concrete, also any asphalt based rolled product. A 4-layer roof provides a monolithic (seamless) roof which allows water to flow more freely to scuppers and drains. It also provides superior strength, flexibility, and is energy efficient. 4-layer roofs are also the method that we use on walk decks which can be applied in tan colors with a granular non-slip surface.

Why is it called 4-layer?
A 4-layer roof technically is not four layers of roofing. It is a 3 part Elastomeric coating application with a reinforced polyester fabric called Tie-tex. This is imbedded between the first and second coating applications making it a 4-part process of coatings and Tie-tex fabric. This is where we come up with the term 4-layer system. Elastomeric coating can be applied at different thicknesses and in as many applications as desired.

Apply a 4-layer system over your existing roof
At Customer 1st Roofing the first part of our 4-layer process is power washing your roof. It is very important that we remove deep down dirt and oils that can hinder the adhesion of the Elastomeric coating. Once the roof is cleaned we allow time for it to dry out completely before beginning the 4-layer process. The first part of the application is a prime base coating which is either sprayed on with a spray rig or rolled on using 5 gallon buckets. The base coating goes on very thick at about 2-2.5 gallons per square depending on the surface we are going over. As the base coat is applied, we roll out 4″ Tie-tex fabric over the base coat, starting on the low side of the roof. An additional layer of coating is then rolled on top of the Tie-tex fabric to ensure that the fabric is properly adhered to the base coat. We do one row at a time with an overlap of 4″ over each row of Tie-tex fabric as we move up the slope until the entire roof surface is completed. We then allow 12-24 hours for the coating and fabric to set, at which time we return to apply the last application of Elastomeric coating. The result is a seamless roof system that is strong enough to last for many years.

How do I maintain my 4-layer roof?
4-layer systems require little maintenance. Like any roof it does require cleaning 2-3 times per year to remove tree and other debris from the roof surface, drains and scuppers. If you chose Customer 1st Roofing to complete your 4-layer system, your roof will easily last 20+ years as long as additional coating is applied every 5-10 years.

What kind of warranty comes with a 4-layer system?
At Customer 1st Roofing we offer multiple warranty options to cover your 4-layer roof. As with any roof system, the better the water barrier application, the more years your warranty will cover. 4-layer systems can be applied with extra gallons of Elastomeric coating per layer, which will extend the life of the roof and will come with an extended warranty. Speak with a Customer 1st Roofing specialist to go over your 4-layer system options.