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When to get a New Roof in Chandler

Everybody knows that their roof is an essential part of your Chandler home. Knowing when you need a new roof or roof replacement is important. Many roofs last years when properly cared for, but if you just moved into a new home in the Chandler area, you might not know if the roof on your home has been taken care of properly over its life time. Maybe you have lived in your home for years and have taken care of it, you might not know when a good time for roof replacement is.

Things to Consider Before Getting a New Roof on your Chandler Home

  1. Have you taken care of your Chandler home's roof since the last roof replacement?

    Many people do not take the time to do more than just glance at their roofs on a daily basis. Of course, your roof probably does not stand out enough for you to look at it and admire it. However, it should be inspected at least once yearly. If you have gone a few years without inspecting or fixing the damages that might have occurred it might be time to get a new roof.

  2. Are your roof shingles cracked, buckling, or missing?

    A few missing shingles does not always mean that you need a new roof replacement. A lot of missing shingles, or shingles that have been damaged most likely call for a whole roof replacement on your Chandler home.

  3. Are there granules from your shingles in your gutters?

    Check your gutters. Shingles tend to lose more granules when they are coming to the end of their life span.

  4. How old is your roof?

    Depending on the type of roof your Chandler home has, most roofs last on average about twenty to twenty-five years before you need a new roof replacement.

Tips for Hiring a Professional

You will definitely need to call a professional for a new roof replacement. When contacting your local Chandler roofing contractors, make sure that they are licensed and insured. Ask your friends and family who they have used in the past for their new roofs and roof replacements. Always make sure you go with the best quality work and professionalism available.

When considering if your Chandler home needs a new roof or roof replacement, remember that missing shingles can be a part of the life of your roof and does not always mean that your whole roof needs to be replaced. Also, if your current roof is not installed on top of past roofs -- your roof will have a high chance of lasting for twenty-five years as opposed to twenty or less.

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