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Your Guide to Roof Repair Mesa, AZ

Here you will find a guide to roof repair Mesa, AZ for three of the most common asphalt shingles issues.

On the top of your home repair to do list should be maintaining a sound roof.  Think about it what does a roof do, it keeps your family as well as yourself warm and dry, not to mention all of your belongings that you have worked so hard to purchase.  Any signs of damage or wear should call for immediate attention in order to keep that water from seeping in under the shingles and being able to riot the underlying wood.  If an issue arises and it is ignored will accelerate the need to replace your whole roof as well as adding hundreds of dollars to your cost.

If you live in a home and the roof is more than 20 years old chances are that your shingles are badly warn or even damaged so keep in mind it just may be time to consider replacing your roof.  But, if you find that your roof is basically sound, you may be able to handle those small roof repairs Mesa, AZ yourself while saving you money.

Swapping Shingles

As you inspect your roof and you find that some shingles may be missing parts or broken, you will need to replace the whole shingle. If you have had your roof worked on in the past look around and check to see if you have any shingles left over, if not you will actually have to go out and buy a bundle for yourself.

Replacing a damaged shingle only requires the use of a hammer, a utility knife, a flat pry bar, and of course 11/4 inch roofing nails.  Each shingle that is installed on your roof is held there with a total of four nails.

Remove the first row of nails on the shingle being replaced by using the pry bar; gently remove all nails that are securing that shingle in place.  After the damaged shingle is removed, place the new shingle in its place and secure with new roofing nails.

Fixing Curled Corners

In time asphalt shingles have the tendency to begin to curl downward or even upward.  If you noticed this happening during your inspection you will be able to glue down the curled edge yourself.  By using a caulking gun in order to aplly a small amount of roofing sealant which will cost around $4.00 a tube and place a weight on the portion that is glued will save you money in the long run.

Repairing a Cracked Shingle

If during your inspection you noticed that one or many of your shingles have been cracked, you will not have to replace the whole shingle you can actually repair it.  By applying a generous amount of roofing sealant under the cracked portion of the shingle, then pressing the shingle down to hold in place while applying another generous amount of roofing sealent on top of the crack.  Use a putty knife to spread the roofing sealant in order to ensure that the whole crack has been sealed.

Keep in mind replacing a whole roof can become quite expensive.  By doing these very simple repairs yourself and doing the necessary upkeep your roof can remain sound for many years to come.

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