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Is Your Roof Leaking? Contact Roofing Contractors Mesa AZ for Repair

Whether considering repair or replacement of your roof, you do not want just any contractor handling this project. This is a major investment, questions need to be asked of roofing contractors Mesa AZ., before knowing who your best choice is.

Know These Tips Before Hiring

  1. Majority of contractors, supply a list of only customers they know were satisfied with the work they did. When asking to see references from the contractor, ask for their last three clients. Talking to recent clients give a good sign of what you should expect. In addition, ask for references from two clients which they performed roofing projects for at least three years ago. When talking with these clients, you will get an idea of the quality of their roofs in long-term.

  2. Roofing contractor Mesa Az., should have insurance of commercial liability, protecting their clients from unexpected events that may occur during projects. When submitting a roofing proposal to their clients, some contractors provide a certificate of insurance. If not, request to see a copy of the policy and be sure to call the phone number listed on the policy checking it is not expired.

  3. Some manufacturers of certain roofing materials have a requirement of contractors needing certification and/or special training prior installing their products. Ask which products their company has qualification to install, more a contractor can install, better your chances are of receiving the best products on your roof.

  4. Ask for a copy to be provided to you of the manufactures warranty for roofing materials that were used. This warranty not only details circumstances in which the warranty can be voided, it also shows what rights you have concerning faulty roofing product. For example, some manufactures void the warranty when the wrong adhesive or fasteners are used.

  5. Do the roofing contractors Mesa AZ., offer their clients an additional warranty? If yes, ask how long and exactly what is covered. Reputable contractors provide warranties for workmanship covering issues resulting from methods of installation.

Always Trust What You Know

Finally, trust what your intuition tells you. If any of these roofing contractors Mesa AZ., give you a bad feeling, even in the stage of the contract, do not be afraid to step out before signing and continue your search. Unless there is water flowing overhead, it is wise to take time finding the right contractor for this major investment.

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