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How to Fix a Leak in the Downspout From a Tempe Roofing Contractor

If the gutters and downspouts in your Tempe AZ home are not working correctly, then you're going to find out just how important they are to the rest of the home. Perhaps you can see the water leaking, or hear it in the middle of the night. Whatever the case, it is always ideal to speak with a Tempe roofing contractor after temporarily stopping the leak. While this is a job that is best suited for professionals when it comes to Tempe roof repairs, stopping the leak for the short time can be beneficial for you, and for your roof.

When it Happens Often

This can happen in the winter months when the snows melt, or during the spring time when rain becomes an ever happening problem. A Tempe roofing contractor can, not only come and fix the leak permanently through Tempe roof repairs on your Tempe AZ home, or they can completely replace the gutters and downspouts if they are outdated and run down. This will ensure that your Tempe AZ home is running as well as it should be. You want to feel confident, but also not have to listen to that dripping water any longer than necessary.

Fixing the Downspout Through Tempe Roof Repairs

The dripping and leaks may be coming from the downspout being clogged, causing the water to pool up and trickle out slowly. This water is trapped inside, and when the water becomes too much for the downspout, it can cause an overflow into the gutters, putting too much pressure on them. Tempe roof repairs are needed if this is the case.

To fix this problem for the moment, just move the downspout in a different position or completely take it off and clean it out. There should be two straps attached to the spout. Remove those, swing the spout out and clean it thoroughly. Having your gutters cleaned completely a few times a year is always recommended for homeowners. Remember, it is always best to consult with a Tempe roofing contractor about the gutters and downspouts on your home.

Speak with us here at Customer 1st Roofing to obtain the Tempe roof repairs you might be in need of. We can provide you with an inspection, repairs and replacements of the roofing materials so you can feel more confident about the roofing problems you're experiencing. A Tempe roofing contractor is always able to help, when you just give them a call.

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