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How long will it take to replace my roof?
The time frame to complete each job is different. The following aspects of the job must be kept in mind when scheduling: Roof type, size, location, and accessibility. One of our Customer 1st Roofing representatives will be able to give you a time frame upon inspection of your roof and determining the scope of work involved.

Can I roof over my existing roof system?
Arizona building code states that you can have up to two layers of roofing material on your home. But there are other factors involved, such as roof types, structural strength and weight of roof system (both going over and putting on). One of our Customer 1st Roofing representatives can determine if this is an option for you after a thorough inspection of your roof is performed.

Do I need to be home during the re-roofing process?
Some homeowners feel that they need to be home during this process; however, it is entirely up to you. At Customer 1st Roofing we respect your home and your property. You can be assured that our employees are properly supervised at all times by the owners of Customer 1st Roofing.


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Will the tear off be messy?
At Customer 1st Roofing we take every precaution necessary to ensure your home is kept clean at all times and that no mess is left behind. Before any work is started we will walk around the property and tarp off all sides of the house as well move any objects such as patio furniture, bbq grills, and decorative pieces. We will also create barriers for plants and flowers to ensure they are not damaged. We will always thoroughly clean up our mess at the end of every work day, including running nail magnets over all areas. Our goal is to leave the outside of your home cleaner than when we started.

What about my pets?
During the tear off, we ask that pets be kept away from the perimeter of the house as debris may fall onto the ground. Once the tear off is completed we will thoroughly clean all debris around your home. From that point on it will be safe to allow animals to roam.

Can I repair my roof or does it need to be replaced?
The truth is, most roofs can be repaired and don’t need to be replaced.  Proper maintenance to your roof can extend its life, preventing costly replacement. A Customer 1st Roofing representative can inspect your roof and fix problem areas such as flashings, transitions, scuppers and drains which are typically the first things to fail. With proper maintenance you can exceed the life span of your existing roof without premature failures.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. We also offer financing.

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