Maintenance Programs

Regular Maintenance will extend the life of your roof

At Customer 1st Roofing, we believe that the best way to protect your home is with a proper roof system.  Roof Maintenance Programs are a key part in extending your roof’s life expectancy.

At Customer 1st Roofing we offer customized roof maintenance programs to provide you with services specific to your roof type, size and location.

All of our Customer 1st Roofing Roof Maintenance Programs include:

• 24 Hour emergency repair services
• Free minor repairs
• Storm damage inspection
• Free Roof Inspections and Certifications
• Debris removal
• Free estimates for major repairs

Maintaining a Customer 1st Roofing roof
Customer 1st Roofing Roof Maintenance Programs are offered for all newly installed roofs. This regular maintenance not only keeps your roof looking new, it also extends the life of your roof much longer than the warranty coverage period.

Maintaining your original roof system
Customer 1st Roofing Roof Maintenance Programs can be purchased for your roof even if it was installed by another company. We require that your roof pass our Customer 1st Roofing Roof Inspection and Certification process. We will then provide you with maintenance program options specific to your roof.