Storm Damage

Do I have storm damage?

Over the past several years Arizona has seen storms which have wrecked havoc on thousands of homes in the Valley. Whether it be minor repair work or a total re-roof, our team at Customer 1st Roofing has exceeded our customers’ expectations with our responsive actions towards correcting damage caused by storms. At Customer 1st Roofing we are trained in handling your insurance claim and providing you with the best possible solution your money can buy. When it comes to storm damage we will give you an honest assessment of your roof and will give our professional recommendation on whether you should file an insurance claim or to just have your roof repaired by one of our qualified technicians.

How do I know if I have hail/wind damage?
Storm damage will look different depending on the type of roof and by the type of storm (wind, high rain, hail). And depending on whether you have a pitched or flat roof, you may or may not be able to identify damage from the ground. At Customer 1st Roofing we advise all homeowners to schedule an appointment with one of our trained technicians, and never to attempt to climb onto their own roof.

Homeowners’ insurance claim information

Will my homeowners’ insurance rates go up if I file a claim?
At Customer 1st Roofing we will never tell you what your insurance will or will not cover. We recommend that all homeowners review their insurance policy and contact their carrier to answer questions about coverage. Storm damage is typically considered an “Act of God” and should not go against you in any way.

Will you help me work with my insurance company?
At Customer 1st Roofing, we are trained and experienced in working with insurance companies, adjusters and inspectors. Once your claim is filed, we will meet with your inspector at your home to walk the roof and point out all areas of concern. We will then work with your adjuster to make sure all damage areas are covered under your claim. We will continue to stay in contact with your adjuster until the project is completed.

If I choose to file a claim, can you eliminate my deductible?
At Customer 1st Roofing we do everything in our power to help reduce or eliminate your deductible. Often times we are able to eliminate your deductible as well as give you upgrades in materials, giving you an even better roof than you had before.